Large “Royal” Like Home Restroom Trailer

Large Royal JLH floorplan

mens large royal jlh large royal royal large mens side

Mr. Bob’s Large “Just Like Home” portable restroom trailer features a men’s and women’s side. The exterior has tan siding, lighting, and stairs on each side. Both sides of the trailer have running water, lights, mirror, heat/air conditioning, and wood floor. The women’s side features four private stalls and two sinks.The men’s side features two porcelain urinals, two private stalls and 2 sinks. All sinks, urinals, paper towel dispensers and soap dispenser are hands free.

This portable restroom will easily accommodate a 1,000 person event

The renter must supply an extension cord (110 Volts/20 Amps) & garden hose

Attendant available at an additional charge.