Septic Do’s and Don’ts


DO routinely have your septic pumped and inspected by a professional septic service.


DO enroll in a septic maintenance program so your system can remain worry-free for its maximum life.


DO keep trees, shrubs, gardens, plants, etc. from being planted in or near drainfield area.


DO keep a close eye on your drainfield area for soggy or wet spots as you mow your lawn, play in your yard, etc.


DO keep in mind that a septic system has a finite life and requires more diligent control of water usage as it ages.


DO spread laundry out as much as possible. Remember, the drainfield needs time fore gravity to pull the effluent through the soil and reach the water table. 10 loads of laundry back to back is a sure way to over load the drainfield.


DO watch your lawn sprinklers to avoid over saturation if they are on or near your septic system.


DO teach your children about the importance of water conservation. No 45 minute showers twice a day.


DO NOT  let water run-off accumulate on or near the septic system. I.E. rain gutters, patios, etc.


DO NOT  have your basement sump pump tie in to your septic tank.


DO NOT put non-biodegradable products down the toilet or sink. I.E. feminine products, cigarettes, cat litter, paper towels, baby wipes, or hazardous chemicals.


DO NOT drive over the drainfield with heavy vehicles or equipment as it can compact the soil or damage pipes.


DO NOT  ignore the “warning signs” of a septic problem.