“This is only a quick note to say thank you for all of your help yesterday in resolving our septic issue. We really appreciate your quick response and will definitely recommend your company to others! Happy Holidays

~Tom & Lenee’

septic backup

Bob Drayton Septic Service saved my night.

“I was in the middle of preparations for a Saturday night dinner party at my home when my son yelled from upstairs that the toilet was not going down. The first septic company I called stated that they could not come out until Monday. I could not wait until Monday.  I called Bob Drayton and left a message on their emergency on-call line and was called back in about five minutes. The man named Tim told me he would be at my house in about an hour. He showed up right on time, was very friendly and explained what he was doing as he worked. When he was finished, he had me flush all the toilets in the house to make sure they were flowing properly. That night I asked my dinner guests to raise their glasses and made a toast to Bob Drayton Septic Service and their wonderful driver Tim. Most of my guests were laughing and looked puzzled until I explained to them the situation from earlier in the day and how this night would not have been possible if it were not for Bob Drayton Septic coming to the rescue! Thank you again.”

~ Gale…Tuckerton Road Shamong, N.J.

foul odor

“The driver was great. He did such a good job digging up our septic tank lid that you couldn’t even tell he was there! You don’t see great service like that anymore.”

~Robert…Browns Mills, N.J.

distribution box

“Wonderful job. The person you sent to my home was fabulous. He was an extremely nice gentleman. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with everything. Oh, and the office staff was so nice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be using you again!”

~Janet…Voorhees, N.J.

septic trouble

“Your driver was great, on time and on point. I will see you again in a couple of years.”

~William…Shamong, N.J.

best septic company

“I just wanted to call and compliment your driver Paul. He is very nice and a good man, can’t say enough about him. Please make sure you tell Bob about his driver.”

~Jeff & Mary…Tabernacle, N.J.

reliable septic cleaning

The service man was very accommodating and helpful. Thank you very much!”

~Floyd…Southampton, N.J.

septic problems

“Just calling to say what an excellent job your driver Justin did. He is very professional and represented the company very well. He was knowledgeable and took his time.”

~Jeff…Shamong, N.J.

septic back-up

“Your driver Justin was so helpful and is a great asset to your company.”

~Tina…Browns Mills, N.J.

professional septic businesses

“We just had our septic cleaned out by one of your technicians, Justin. I just wanted to let you know he did an excellent job, was professional, courteous, and answered all my questions. Justin delivered good quality service and it was a pleasure to deal with him. His service reflected good job training and he actually seemed to care about his performance and making Bob Drayton look good in the eyes of the customer.”

~Dr. Radwill…Southampton, N.J.

septic questions

“Hello Bob Drayton. I got home as your driver was pumping out our septic tank. I had a lot of questions regarding our septic system, how it works, and how to take care of it. I was very impressed with his customer service skills, his attitude, knowledge, and helpfulness. Thank you.”

~John…Shamong, N.J.

septic riser

“The septic technician you sent was very good, nice, and helpful. Thank You”

~Dianne…Easthampton, N.J.