Roll-Off Container FAQ & Information


How do I know what size container I'll need?

We offer a variety of roll-off container sizes for all your needs. You can call our customer service representatives for help. You can also refer to the container dimensions and general uses for guidance. Keep in mind, it's more economical to order a larger size container than to order a small container twice.

How do I pay for the roll-off container?

The payment for the container rental is due prior to or on delivery. We require a credit card on file to use for the tonnage. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Do I need a permit to rent a roll-off container?

Every town has different requirements. It is best that you check with the township where we are delivering the container.

How high can I fill the container?

To ensure the load can be properly tarped and transported safely, the container should be filled only to the fill line (maximum load level sticker) on the top rail. If the container is filled above the fill line, the driver may decide to remove material from the top or leave the container on site for the renter to level the container. To avoid extra charges fill only to the top of the container, not over the rails.

Will the roll-off container damage my driveway?

It could. We recommend that the customer protect the surface with plywood. Mr. Bob Roll-Off Container Service will not be responsible for damages to property beyond the curb line.

What if I fill the container before my project is finished?

You can order another container of the same size or a different size. It would be considered another rental and be charged accordingly.