Reliable Septic Services

Water Pipes — septic system repair in Southampton, NJ
Bob Drayton Inc. provides reliable residential and commercial septic services throughout Burlington and surrounding counties. From unclogging septic pipes to sump pump repairs, our experienced technicians handle all types of septic issues. Give us a call today at 609-859-3629 for more information about our septic services and repairs.

High-Pressure Jetting

High-pressure jetting is the process of sending a hose the size of a garden hose into your drain pipe until it reaches the clog. Once we reach the clog with the hose, we use high-pressure water to flush out the clog. Our high-pressure jetter can clean and clear lines up to 4 inches in diameter and up to 150 feet long. Most commonly used to clean drain field lines that have excessive build-up due to age or lack of maintenance.

Power Snaking

Sometimes a stubborn clog needs more than a plunger. Tree roots, grease, older pipes, and even kids' toys can all lead to stubborn clogs. Our professional technicians can help. Our power snake can reach up to 125 feet to unclog your drain.

Septic Tank Treatment

Bob Drayton Inc. provides septic tank treatment that controls odors and digests waste. We recommend a family of four should use approximately two ounces of Bio Active Septic Treatment each month to maintain their septic tank and prevent clogging.

Distribution Boxes

If you need distribution box repair, turn to Bob Drayton Inc. Our professional technician will locate your box and inspect the condition to see if any issues exist.

Septic Pumps, Floats, & Alarms

Is your alarm sounding? Are there funny noises coming from the tank? You might be having a problem with your septic pump. Our experienced technician and fully stocked repair truck will diagnose the cause of the problem and have you up and running in no time. We use only the best replacement parts available, no knock-offs.
Float switch - septic pump float switch replacement in Southampton, NJ
Septic pump - septic pump installation in Southampton, NJ
High level alarm - septic alarm installation and repair in Southampton, NJ

Effluent Filters

Installing effluent filters (septic filters) is an effective way to get the maximum life out of your drain field. The filter is placed on the outlet side of the septic tank and helps catch small particles or solids that may have otherwise made their way out into the drain field. The filter is maintained periodically. Bob Drayton Inc. can also maintain your pre-existing filter.